Flottmann-Hallen Herne, 2012

Gesten einer Arbeit  

16mm film loop, different versions, each 2 min, colour,
installation with steel tables.

With: Verena Kamler
Camera: Cathleen Schuster/Marcel Dickhage
Thanks to: Kornelia Knauer
Supported by: GWK M√ľnster

Reenactment, based on an interview with a former employee of a mobile phone factory, who remembered the movements, that she performed during her 20-year-long employment over and over again. In the reenactment the former tools and hardware is missing. Different movements are shown on several 16mm film projectors. The noise of the projectors as a reference to factory work, the constantly repitition of a movement, that turns into mimicry, and the image of the film that will fade with time of its use (like the memories of the former worker on her repeated movements were fading away), were conceptual thoughts.

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